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GM Test Series for CA, CS and CMA Exams

If you are preparing for Chartered Accountancy profession, Company Secretary and other Financial Courses like CFA, CMA and CPA, then you are no stranger to practice tests, more commonly known as CA Mock Tests. With the CA examination getting more and more tougher every year, the candidates are expected to be prepared for any challenges that comes in their way i.e. Latest exam pattern, Proper time management, Strategy for answering the question etc. This is where the mock tests will help the aspirant.

Test series provide a real time experience of the actual examination so that the candidates are accustomed with all the aspects of the exam. Online test series provided by GM Test Series is always following the latest pattern just like the actual test of ICAI. CA foundation, Intermediate and Final Test Series by GM Test Series will provide you rapid feedback for your tests, Quicker feedback helps in effective Preparation. Mocks will also build your self confidence, by which you can perform better on your exam day.

As we know “Practice makes a man perfect” in CA profession, So Students need a lot of writing practice to understand the topics and concept in each subject to clear their CA exams. the best solution for writing practice is attempting mock tests. GM Test Series provides you best comprehensive mocks for all the CA Levels. You can get detailed performance feedback from our professional faculty, with their vast experience in the field and you can improve your mistakes and learn to handle exam pressure and proper time management, so that you can be assured of achieving better results. Online test series not only helps in time management but it is very cost effective or affordable. You can purchase your preferred online test after your registration.

We have also expanded our Branches to other sequel including CS Executive, CS Professional and CS Foundation ICSI Exams. Serving the CA and CS student’s needs is the sole motto of conducting the Online Mock Test Series. We keep on launching New and Better techniques to benefit the community of new aspirants seeking professional careers with best results and all India ranks. Not only this, with Lowest Fee structure and strategies designed for the dedicated students for their preparations.

How Test Series plays an important role in CA Exams Preparation?

Test series are an important part of CA exam preparation as they help to familiarize students with the exam format and question types. Additionally, test series provide an opportunity for students to practice time management and improve their speed and accuracy.

Benefits of joining Online Test Series program for CA Final and CA Inter exams?

There are many benefits of joining an Online Test Series program for CA Final and CA Inter exams.

1. It allows you to take the exams from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere else that has an internet connection.

2. You can take the exams at your own pace, and review the questions as many times as you need to until you feel confident about the answers.

3. The online format also allows you to keep track of your progress and see which areas you need to focus on more.

4. Since the exams are taken online, you can get instant feedback on your performance and see where you need to improve.

5. The online test series programs usually have a large database of past exam papers, so you can use them to practice and prepare for your upcoming exams.

How effective is GM Test Series in CS Executive and CS Professional exams?

The GM Test Series is a very effective tool for CA students appearing for their CS Executive and CS Professional exams. The test series provides a wide range of questions and covers all the important topics from the syllabus. The questions are of good quality and help the students to revise the entire syllabus thoroughly.

The test series is very helpful in identifying the weak areas of the students and helps them to focus on those areas. The Mock tests are also very useful in giving the students an idea about the exam pattern and the type of questions that can be expected in the actual exam.

Overall, the GM Test Series is a very useful tool for CA students appearing for their CS Executive and CS Professional exams.

There are a lot of unique features which makes GM test series different from other Test Series providers:


Doubt Solving through Live Videos : For May and Nov 2023 and 2024 CA Test Series, we have made up a special feature of online Video Mock Exams, in which we will elaborate the common mistakes in all the tests through a Live Video session. This session will run on Facebook, Instagram and the GM Test Series platform of CA. You can raise your queries and get quick answers from the GM Experts.

Unique Question Papers: We avoid any type of Copy Paste, keeping the content New and updated. Students should be able to think out of the box and improve their Learning Capacity. Something which has already been solved is not effective if asked to solve again in the Mock Tests. Twisted new variety papers are always good.

Time Management: GM Test Series help manage time and also provide a systematic approach through which you can plan your studies and cover your syllabus in a proper time. In Unscheduled Test Series plan, you can create your own schedule and plan your studies accordingly as you like.

Material and Notes for Practice : Practice notes and MCQs are provided in addition to the Test Series for better scoring. Summarized Notes help in covering heavy syllabus in a easy manner. More than 1200 MCQs are provided which helps in boosting confidence in the objective questions part.

All India Ranking : Among 10000+ CA, CS and CMA aspirants who write the online Test Series program, All India ranking is provided which helps boost confidence of a student and in case a student is not able to get a good rank, he/ she can get guidance from one of our CA's and get to know about where he lacks among others.

Toppers Sheet for each Test : Student who scores the highest is provided with sheets so that a student can compare his performance and score better in the upcoming Tests. Comparing your performance with the Topper helps in preparing in a better way.

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