Join the CA Inter Test Series for scoring All India Ranking and become the most successful Chartered Accountant. CA Final and IPCC / Inter exams clearing have become much easier by attempting CA Final/Inter and IPCC Mock exams and Online Practice Tests. Scoring exemption in CA exams in not tough now, join a good CA Inter Test Series and scoring 60+ marks in all the 8 subjects of CA exam.

CA Exams consists of 8 subjects, 4 theory and 4 Practical subjects. Some students face problems in theoretical parts while some aspirants face problems in practical subjects. Now the major benefit of a Great CA Inter Test Series is to make a balance preparation for both the parts. This is only possible if the Quality of Test Papers is of superior Quality and evaluation is done by persons having 6-10 years of experience in their respective fields.

mock tests help a student to mark his preparation for the exam and how much he/she needs to improve and focus on which topics and subjects.

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Now, it has become easy to score 70-75 marks in SFM and FR if a well planned preparation is done with a set target. Scoring in Theory is somewhat a little bit difficult, but as of now that has become possible too as MCQ (multiple choice questions) are launched in theory. So scoring 25 marks out of 30 in CA Inter theoretical subjects can easily award you with 65+ marks in Total.

Attempting a variety of MCQ for Practicing for CA Inter. Solve all the MCQ which is provided along with CA Inter Test Series to get a boost in confidence. CA Inter Test Series will commence shortly for the Nov 2021 and May 2022 attempt. The only thing you should concern about is to prepare accordingly to the Set schedule and no one can stop you from scoring more than 450+ marks in Both Groups.

In CA Exam 2nd Group, a scholar can easily score 75 marks in Costing, the only thing that's required is Practice and speed. If you are able to complete your paper, you are able to get an exemption. GM Test Series has a target to get more than 10000 exemptions of its CA Inter T est Series students in upcoming attempt.

Questions will now be more practical oriented which will be asked in the CA Inter Test Series. If a student is able to score 50+ marks in GM CA Inter Mock Tests, There are 90% chances that the particular student will score 65 marks or get more marks in the official ICAI-CA exams. Writing a CA Inter Mock Test = Avoiding 1 attempt.

So start your preparations at an early stage before the actual examination for the Nov 2021 and May 2022 exams. Unscheduled test series plan is starting next week from 20th June onward. No need to wait or think about it, start writing your CA Inter Test Series and become prepared and a perfectionist. Register with us immediately on above link and rock the ICAI-exams and achieve the skyrocketing marks.

The Best method to acquire full utilization of your CA Inter Test Series is to follow the syllabus and dates properly i.e., the planner which is provided to you after buying your choice of test series. Study 2 hours daily and then write a 1.5 hours test. Make a Time Table to write daily. Do not miss even a single day in which you don’t write the CA Inter Test. If you follow this schedule, nothing can stop you from achieving the best results.

It’s usually said that CA exams requires 16 Hours study daily, which is entirely wrong and doesn't require this much time. CA Inter doesn’t require 16 hours study but requires 2-3 hours strict and regular study + writing a Mock Test for better practice. Most of the ranks follow this approach and write Mock exams daily while preparing for their Intermediate exam. All of us should follow this Six sigma approach and become a benchmark for other Inter students.

Now clearing CA Inter exams is not that tough if above rules are regularly followed with discipline. So don’t wait, start practicing for the exam from today onward, buy a CA Inter Test Series from GM and make your CA studies easy as ever. GM Intermediate Test Series has become a benchmark in the field of Chartered Accountancy with 57+ ranks and 2400+ exemptions and highest marks in CA Intermediate Law and Costing.

The additional services that are being provided with the test series are also very helpful for the student supplementary MCQs and rankings sheet is also given to the student when the report of his performance is made to inform him/her about his preparedness or how much progress the student has done and what to improve. the guidance is given to a scholar directly from a Professional CA, this is to motivate the student to reach his/her best level through guidance from a professional of his/her own field, topper's mark-sheet is given to each student after the completion of the test series to rank them among all over India students.

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