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GM Mentorship Program

Mentoring is an art to develop a sense of motivation and make learning more interesting and easy. It is a relationship between a mentor and mentee which boosts the physical, mental and overall ability of the mentee. What is most important in a Mentoring Program is the guidance and expertise of mentors who are trained in a particular subject. A sense of trust and reliability needs to be developed in the CA, CS and CMA students which will encourage them to study regularly and achieve their daily targets. Mentorship program is carried on upto the date of commencement of examination. Side by side, a 45 Days study Planner is provided which helps in covering the curriculum in a span of 1.5 month.

How does GM Test Series Mentoring Program works?

  • GM Mentoring Program is a specialised program designed by experts which guides the students pursuing any one of the courses like Chartered Accountancy (CA), Company Secretary (CS) or Certified Management Accountant (CMA).
  • Daily Targets are provided to the students which they need to cover along with their coaching’s. If a student is doing self study, the mentoring is provided accordingly.
  • A team of subject wise experts will guide the students, in which each subject will have a different expert or one expert will handle more than 1 subject.
  • A student will be provided with a daily target on the GM Mobile App or in the Website Portal. This daily target will be of 7-9 hours. In case students miss the daily target due to some outside work or emergency, there will be a gap of Half day after each consecutive 4th day.
  • There will be a written Test after particular chapters are covered which will be 2 to 3 times in a week. It will be a Chapter wise test of 90 minutes. Schedule for the Test Paper will also be provided along with the Mentorship.
  • There will be an option to raise your doubts and get reply from experts; you can raise your queries in Doubt Portal on the website which will be replied within 24 working hours.
  • A student will be provided with a 45 Days Study Planner which will guide you on how to carry on your preparations in the last 45 days. This Planner will guide you on what topics are important and how to revise most important chapters first and least important chapters at a later stage. This is also known as the GM ABC Analysis.
  • ABC Analysis will contain the A category, B category and C category topics which will give a student a clear idea on how much time he/ she needs to devote on a particular chapter.
  • Time Management is an important factor in Professional exams. So GM Team ill guide you on how to effectively monitor your time and get a good score.