CA Final and Inter Test Series Nov 2021

CA mock test plays the similar role like sanitizer and masks are helping us nowadays from the virus. As we all are aware that because of pandemic crises May 2022 attempt got delays and now its turn for Nov 2021 and we need to gear up our speed for the preparations because this attempt won’t be as casual like others. For sure there would be lot many dynamic things would be seen in the coming time and surely that would be totally unexpected for the students. Therefore the preparations would also be like more than expected and this could only be happened if we would know how to flourish our way of study. You can utilize this time of lockdown very efficiently by subscribing with CA test series of GM TEST SERIES. The mock test from this series would aid you alike crossing difficult paths very comfortably.


CA Final and Inter Test Series Nov 2021

CA Test Series

GM TEST SERIES covers the syllabus of the full CA study that is from foundation level, intermediate stage and final stage of study. It covers the test from the old course and new course moreover the test also includes the questions from case study and practical questions, so that student would not get spared from any sort of topic from the revision.

Why CA Test Series for Nov 2021?

As we have already discussed above that May 22 has already got skipped from our hands and now ICAI have launched the new scheme for the students those who wanted to get shift from July 21 to November 21 and the scheme is called opt out and opt in. This simply gives us the signal that the coming attempt won’t be so normal like past attempts and therefore this would undoubtedly restores to enhance the competition. This is the hard reason for going with the CA Test series for Nov 2021 or Dec 2021 so that an individual would get to know their level of preparations and his position in this tough battle. Even with test series student would get to know the amendments given by ICAI. Our professionals give their 100% to acknowledge the student regarding the new changes and new pattern or expected type of exam pattern. To make the student cope up with new trends and amendment our team makes the full efforts so that the knowledge would get deliver to the students and students get themselves ready for every kind of situation .

How is CA Final Mock Test Series conducted for Nov 2021?

CA final is the last and most competitive stage of CA study. The final stage is in 2 groups that is Group I and Group II in first group basically it includes the subjects such as Financial Reporting, Strategic financial Management, Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics in for the preparation of Nov 21 our test series would help the students to prepare for the exam group wise and chapter wise this series gives the students very flexible facility to opt for the proper preparations. Further in second group subjects like Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation, Risk Management, Financial services, International Taxation, Economic laws, Global Financial Reporting standards all such are there this all are form new syllabus. Even we are planning to start with mock test series of May 2022 because now time is very crucial and It is very important for the student to know the all the aspects. And it is commonly seen that while studying for the so long hours mostly student would get depressed and frustrated so this series makes the student to revise their chapter wise study so that they could easily sort out their strengths and weakness. As for November 21 attempt would be full of competition as students would have definitely used this quarantine time for their full on preparations. Additionally revising through mock test series makes the student to understand the value of time and the idea of final exam.

Why is Test Series vital for CA Inter and IPCC students for Nov 2021 Attempt?

Numbers of points are mentioned in the above article about the benefit one would get from test series in the final process. We would able to reach the final stage only when we would able to cross the CA foundation and IPCC. At the early stage the students feel tough to clear out the exam this is because of lack of preparations only. Therefore same as students could get the full fledged syllabus and test as per their will for the coming attempt that is Nov / Dec 2021. Here the question arises that how the students would get to know their level of preparations? Than the answer of this question is that in GM TEST SERIES the tests the students upload it got checked from the professionals and the evaluation of every answer along with the proper suggested sheet is uploaded to the students so that students would get to the correct answer and clear out their doubts without wasting their time. In short it can be concluded that if the initial stage would be challenging and student know the proper path to be followed then it would be easier for the later stage to cross peacefully. It’s a myth in everyone’s mind that CA is very difficult this is because the student won’t get the proper guidance about the subjects and the path to follow here we try to give the students all type of help for his academic growth.

Why GM CA Test Series is Best Online Mock Test Series provider for CA Final & Inter | IPCC students for Nov 2021 and May 2022?

GM TEST SERIES is the platform that conducts the online test series for the final and Inter/IPCC. It is the service provider that helps the students to achieve their hands by holding their hands from the very first stage. Even during lockdown we provide the tests to the students for the Nov 2021 and we are also making preparations for the May 2022 intake. If we Google about the CA test series then we get the bundle of sites those provide the online test series but the highest rating is to our site it is only because the students has got many advantages from this test series. Proper guidance in every stage of life is very essential therefore if students won’t get proper guidance it is very difficult for them to gain success. So here below are the services that GM TEST SERIES provide:-

  • Students need to get registered with the us by paying the very reasonable fees
  • Student gets an option to select the scheme from the option of unscheduled test series, detailed series and unscheduled series.
  • The students get their test on portal and after doing the test they upload their answer sheet on their portal themselves.
  • Then our CA’s check the uploaded sheet of the student and send them to student along with suggested answers.
  • If students get any doubt then they can make calls or ask on their portal and prompt replies are also given.

Therefore, without wasting the much time one should take an advantage of the test series to clear their exam very smoothly.

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